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NoBo Live

An open-air No Border benefit concert was organised yesterday in Thessaloniki by Group of Immigrants and Refugees, YOL underground. Thanks to our friends for their great support! Вчера на територията на университета в Солун се е провел концерт под открито … Има още

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Bulgaria Camp for the Summer of 2011 Announced

Following the EU eastward expansion, countries like Bulgaria and Romania are progressively cracking down on those that try to cross their borders and rampantly working against freedom of movement. The Bulgarian government’s current target date for joining the Schengen agreement … Има още

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27 март – ПРОТЕСТ пред дома в Бусманци.

Протестът е част от кампанията под наслов „Нелегални хора няма!“ На 27 март в 11,00 ч. се състоя организирания от „Инициативен комитет за солидарност с имигрантите и бежанците” протест пред „Специалния дом за временно настаняване на чужденци” в софийския квартал … Има още

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Greece: Victory for the 300 migrant hunger strikers

By Julien Chaulieu – 09/03/2011 The hungerstrike of 300 migrants ended today. The strikers accepted the proposal following some key big concessions by the government. As Occupied London reports, it has been agreed: – the time limit for application for permanent residence in … Има още

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Freedom, not Frontex

There cannot be democracy without global freedom of movement The dynamic of the Arab spring is emanating into the entire world. The movements of revolt in the Maghreb encourage and give hope, not only because despotic regimes that have been … Има още

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Гърция: 300 имигранти в гладна стачкa!

Може би сте чували,че Гърция е красива страна с вкусна храна и гостоприемни хора.Но внимание:това не е цялата истина… От 25 януари 300 бежанци, мъже и жени, от цяла Гърция започнаха гладна стачка. Техните искания са : легализация на всички … Има още

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10th of March: Worldwide solidarity action day with the 300 hunger strikers immigrants-workers in Greece

Latest Greece travel advises: You might have heard that Greece is a beautiful country to visit with delicious food and people with great hospitality. Be careful: this is not the whole truth. The reality for hundreds of thousands of visitors … Има още

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