Contexto político – Bulgaria No Borders

Situación política general:

Continuando con la expansión hacia el este de la UE, países como Bulgaria y Rumania, están tomando progresivamente medidas drásticas con aquellos que tratan de cruzar sus fronteras y están actuando gravemente contra la libertad de movimiento. Su próximo punto en la agenda política de extranjería es la adhesión al acuerdo del espacio Schengen. La actual fecha fijada por el gobierno búlgaro para convertirse en miembro de Schengen es el año 2012. La decisión se tomará en el verano de 2011. Refuerzo del control en la frontera, construcción de nuevos centros de detención, incremento de la calidad y cantidad del equipamiento fronterizo, y una nueva legislación sobre migrantes y visados son sólo una parte de las medidas que ya están en el camino. El control de la frontera entre Bulgaria y Turquía se menciona como el mayor problema al que Bulgaria se enfrenta para que el país se adhiera a Schengen. Siguiendo con la participación de la policía fronteriza búlgara en operaciones FRONTEX a lo largo de la frontera greco-turca, se está hablando de expandir las operaciones de la agencia en la frontera entre Bulgaria y Turquía.

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No Borders Bulgaria – Info Tour in Germany

Schedule for the Info Tour in which activists from Bulgaria will talk about the migrant situation in the country and the preparation of the „No Border Camp“ for August this year:

24th June 2011, Berlin, 7 pm presentation, „Allmende“, Kottbusser Damm 25/26, Berlin-Kreuzberg; possible: anti-racist-solidarity-party in “about blank”

25th June 2011, Oldenburg, 7 pm presentation, Social Centre “Alhambra”

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Some visual propaganda – print and distribute! Листовки за разпространение

Download and print the No Border Bulgaria fliers. Spread the word!

Сваляйте и принтирайте листовките с исканията на No Border – България. Разпространявайте!

leaflet_ENG_roseNo Bo Broshura BG

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NoBo Live

An open-air No Border benefit concert was organised yesterday in Thessaloniki by Group of Immigrants and Refugees, YOL underground.

Thanks to our friends for their great support!

Вчера на територията на университета в Солун се е провел концерт под открито небе в подкрепа на организациата на Но Бордър 2011 в България. Организатори са нашите приятели от Група на имигранти и бежанци YOL underground.

Сърдечно благодарим за подкрепата!

Снимки от събитието:

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Bulgaria „No Borders“ Camp 2011 – Political Demands and Clarifications

General political situation:

Following the EU eastward expansion, countries like Bulgaria and Romania

are progressively cracking down on those that try to cross their borders

and rampantly working against freedom of movement. Next on their foreign policy agenda is joining the Schengen agreement area. The Bulgarian government’s current target date for becoming a member of Schengen is 2012. The decision is to be taken in the summer of 2011.

Strengthening of the border control, building new detention centers, increasing the quality and the quantity of the border equipment, and the new migrant and visa legislation are only part of the measures that are already underway. The border control between Bulgaria and Turkey is cited as the biggest problem Bulgaria is faced with in order for the country to join Schengen. Following the participation of Bulgarian border police in FRONTEX operations along the Greek-Turkish border, there is a talk of extending the agency’s operations to the border between Bulgaria and Turkey.

Beyond these general political circumstances migrants and refugees in Bulgaria are confronted with rather non-transparent, unsocial and truly confusing administrative system of regulation. An ignorant and/or uninformed local institutions and society are also to be kept in mind. It is expected that the number of migrants will rise rapidly after Bulgaria’s joining the Schengen area.

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International call out for lawyers

International call out for lawyers – No Border Camp – Bulgaria 2011

As we are getting ready with the organizational matters of the No Border camp that will take place in Bulgaria in the summer of 2011, we are calling out to all of our supporters and friends to extend their support in finding lawyers that will be able to participate during the camp.

Goals of the legal team:

– entering and inspecting a detention camp and meeting some of the detained persons there as part of an international legal team

– organizing a workshop, discussion etc. on relevant refugee/migrant topics, on a voluntary basis

– providing legal help for foreign participants if needed

What can you do for the legal team?

Please, contact foreign and Bulgarian lawyers alike who would be ready to join the camp. Maybe some of you are in position to establish good contacts to Bulgarian lawyers through international legal networks, personal contacts or based on previous one-time cooperation.

All help will be welcomed and much appreciated!

Contact us at

Thank you,


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Фронтекс оставя бежанци от Либия да умрат в корабокрушения? Медиите разследват

Никола Гро-Верхайде пита в журналистическия блог Bruxelles 2 „какво точно прави мисията на Фронтекс?“ в Средиземно море.

Вчера Върховният Комисариат по бежанците на ООН отправи „апел към европейските държави да подобрят спешно механизмите за спасение в морето.“ ВКБООН уточнява, че досега Европа е приела „по-малко от 2% от населението, което е избягало от Либия в следствие на конфликта.“ Според организацията, 35 кораба – с 12.360 хора на борда – са достигнали бреговете на Европа до този момент, като 11.230 – Италия, а други 1.130 – Малта. Това е далеч от общия брой от 740.000 души, сред които близо четвърт милион либийци, които са избягали от бойните действия и са подслонение в Тунис (основната част), Египет и Република Нигер. Има още

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