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News related to migration, border policing, legislative developments, detention, law enforcement in Bulgaria and the region.

Новини относно миграцията, гранична полиция, законови промени, задържане, органите на реда в България и в региона.

Release Juan Ibrahim, victim of torture and abuse by the Syrian regime, the UK Border Agency and G4S

Syrian victim of torture kept in immigration detention in breach of the UKBA’s own Detention Centre Rules. * New asylum claim dismissed, medical and objective evidence overlooked, because it’s easier for the UKBA to shrug it off as a third … Има още

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June 24-27: arrests of migrants from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria – 24-27 юни: арестувани мигранти от Афганистан, Ирак, Сирия

Friday, June 24 Three people caught crossing the border. The three have been hiding in a truck that has crossed the Turkish-Bulgarian border. Two of them are from Syria (18 and 28 years old) and one of them from Iraq … Има още

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