WE ARE HERE! AUSSCHLUSS! BASTA! Transnational Migrant Strike

On 1 March all over the world migrants stand up and organise against
social exclusion, discrimination and racism. The movement started with a
migrants’ strike and boycott day in the USA in 2006. Since then protests
spread transnationally to different parts of the world. This year as well,
employees working in the world’s richest countries will walk-out on work,
take direct industrial action or practice other forms of protest.
In Austria, we want to create the foundation for a broad movement to
initiate a radical change in policy towards migrants.

We have come as workers, as students and professors, as refugees,
relatives, physicians and sex workers, as undocumented migrants, as au
pairs, professionals and care workers. We have been living here for years
and sometimes for generations. We are here, in kindergartens, in schools,
hospitals, and nursing homes, on construction and production sites, at
universities, in private homes, in brothels, super markets and offices. We
have all genders and sexual orientations, we believe in different religions
and ideologies, we belong to different age groups and social strata. We have
diverse backgrounds, sometimes we stick to our ethnic origin, sometimes we
renounce these forms of belonging. We are living here and there. We are not
longing for an old or for a new homeland. Frontiers are too narrow for us.
We do not fit into them, they don’t fit our lives.

We are fighting against everyday racism and harassment, against poor pay,
against wiped out opportunities and dead end careers for ourselves and our
children. We are standing up against a discriminatory education and welfare
system, the incompetence of political parties and police brutality. We are
fighting against being deprived of citizens’ and social rights – a strategy
to make us available and exploitable as cheap labour.

We are fed up with racist responses. We are here to stay. Instead of
waiting we are now taking our destinies into our own hands. We have fought
many battles; we know what it means to be excluded. We are living solidarity
and we want radical change.
Wherever we are living and working, we all are entitled to equal rights,
and to good and just living conditions!

1 March will be a day of mobilisation, irritation, raising voices and
strike. We invite everybody regardless and transgressing identities and
ethnicities to join this protest and to strike against racism. Let’s use
this day to join our differences to find a new common new language. We put
an end to the division between We and You. We all are the future!

*Together with us – Against racism, discrimination and exclusion!
Together with us – For equal rights and same privileges for All!*

*Manifestation on 1 March 2011 17:00
1100 Wien, Viktor Adler Markt*


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